Designing Robust Project Evaluations

Design a robust and comprehensive project evaluation by engaging the five anchoring questions: What, Why, Who, How, and What again?

With more than 150 ways to approach an evaluation, the task can be extremely daunting and leave you wondering if you are collecting the best data in the most impactful way. This workshop cuts through the "evaluation noise" to help you design a robust evaluation that includes timely, purposeful, and relevant information and help to make informed decisions that support continuous improvement and inform impact. At the end of this workshop, participants will (a) understand the difference and relationship between evaluation and research, (b) understand how to respond to the 5 anchoring questions that support the design of a robust evaluation plan; (c) understand how evaluation has roots in multiple disciplines that inform data collection strategies and processes; and (d) understand how to realize data results that inform both the implementation of the project being evaluated and provide evidence that informs the extent to which the project's goals and objectives were met. Finally, participants will walk away with a draft evaluation plan that can be implemented in their next project.

3 hours

Evaluation Design: From planning to reporting evidence that informs the project's effectiveness

Dr. Gwen Lee-Thomas, Mary Combs, and Charmagne Paat