Pre-Conference Workshops

Sunday, February 26th 3-5pm

Graduate Mentoring from an Inclusive Lens: Aligning Expectations | Dr. Karen High and Jennifer Brown

The goals for this session will be to help faculty more confidently engage in building and sustaining productive mentoring relationships with graduate students from diverse backgrounds and increase their familiarity with useful tools to facilitate culturally responsive mentoring. more

Transitioning from Implicit to Explicit Instruction of The Nature of Engineering | Rachelle Pedersen, Lance White, and Dr. Karan Watson

The objectives of this workshop are to 1) have participants engage in discourse around the current state of teaching the Nature of Engineering (NOE) and the rationale for explicitly teaching the NOE 2) participate in a hands-on group activity that models explicitly teaching NOE concepts and 3) understand how they can incorporate these concepts and practices into their own classrooms, camps, and workshops, as they teach current and future undergraduate engineering students and pre-college teachers. more

Developing Inclusive Curriculum - Why and How? | Dr. Kauser Jahan and Dr. Stephanie Farrell

This workshop equips participants with practical, research-based strategies to create inclusive classrooms in engineering courses. more