Corporate Partners

• Want to ensure diversity in your new hires?  At CoNECD, many attendees have direct contact with diverse pools of students, from all academic majors and levels.  They knowthe students and can connect you directly to them.

• Enabling a collective corporate impact approach, networking at CoNECD can remove the barriers, silos, and interference found when seeking to connect with educational institutions and students.

Researchers and Practitioners 

• This is your community if your work supports broadening participation in engineering and computing – well pretty much all STEM fields. CoNECD supports both researchers andpractitioners!

• Find collaborators for your own research and learn what is currently being done within this discipline. See practical applications of evidenced based research into how to broaden participation.

• Showcase your work through a technical session or a workshop.

Graduate Students

• Meet the individuals who actually did the research you read about.  Talk with them about your ideas for broadening participation.

• Meet individuals whose career path has led them to a position where they are making a difference in the numbers of marginalized individuals – broadening participation professionals with positions in academic and industry.

• Meet other graduate students and expand your professional network.