Scalably and Systematically Empowering Trailblazing (STEM) Students - Speaker Bios

William Gray-Roncal, PhD:  Electrical Engineer and CIRCUIT Program Lead, focused on program vision and unique elements required to support trailblazing students.

Martha Cervantes: Mechanical Engineer and CIRCUIT Project Manager, focused on program implementation and scalability.

Katy-Ann Carr: Mechanical Engineer and CIRCUIT Training Staff, focused on sensor-based human performance and assessment.

Jorge Rivera: Mechanical Engineer and Learning researcher, focused on understanding and activating student potential.

Jackie Sharp:  Mechanical Engineer and CIRCUIT Assessment Lead. Related work has included mechanical design and analysis and innovative ways to measure performance.

Danilo Symonette: Computer Scientist and PhD student, focused on next-generation assessment and XR methods to encourage and support students.

Aishwarya Jayabharathi: Education Masters Student, focused on qualitatively and quantitatively understanding Imposter Syndrome and Self-Efficacy in diverse populations.

Erik C. Johnson, PhD: Electrical Engineer and CIRCUIT Training Lead, focused on project-based learning and assessment.